среда, 26 декабря 2012 г.

new offer. direct from Morocco

I have to offer for you many interesting original and beautiful things direct from Morocco - Kingdom of mixed cultures, colors and flavors

Morrocan tea have a special way to preparing and unforgettable taste, especially if you'll put some herbs 

Moroccan teapot have a long, curved beak, and it allows tea to flow evenly into tiny glasses from a height 

Spices and kitchen herbs
Here curcuma, paprika, cumin and ginger as an example
Orange blossom water and Rosa water available too

I will continue post in this blog recipe of special delicious moroccan dishes

Slippers of leather BERLA or BABOUCH - many different design and colors - soft and comfortable. Let keep your foot in warm (that is what I do not tired to feel)
And some other kind of traditional clothes

This post is only preview and we will add more picture very soon
So if you interesting about time of delivering and cost, please,  connect with me by e-mail or Facebook page


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Natalija комментирует...

Машунь, какая прелесть! Так и хочется сказать как в мультфильме: как я все это богатство люблю!!!

deros комментирует...

Ага, так и живем как в сказке:)

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