четверг, 28 октября 2010 г.

bronze rose...

new attempt use polymer cly but in this time with this easy and clear tutorial by lyasia-julia

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Fruitful Fusion комментирует...

This is beautiful! Is it difficult to make these roses? Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog welcoming me back to blogging!

deros комментирует...

thank you too! for me was difficult, sure:) all parts so small:)but this tutorial very clear and i'll try again to can make it more naturel:) and i want make other things just need buy polymer cly... u don't want try?;)

Blue Pearl комментирует...

wow you are so talented, mashallah!
I really love roses so this one is a favourite for me:)

deros комментирует...

thanks my dear:) so take it:)

Blue Pearl комментирует...

yay....i stole it:)

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