четверг, 9 сентября 2010 г.

in the new year with new experiences...

my first crochet was mittens and i made it when have maybe 10 year only, was first and last in same time:))) and i used it... was green:))))))after that i prefer knitting. but my far away friend's blog inspired me to return to the hook. here and here I showed my first (in last time) crochet work:)

now i want show new one, i like it too much and sure, will do more blankets in this technique
Granny Square
why "new year"? cause my birthday today;)

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Fruitful Fusion комментирует...

Oh my far away friend! Your blanket looks lovely! Hope you have a great day tomorrow! xxx

deros комментирует...

Thank you dear I.:)))
xxx and happy holiday for all your family:)))

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