понедельник, 14 июня 2010 г.

about the bag...

... i like all my things, getting used to it ... if i buy something, then i really like and i'll use this, but sometimes to buy something necessary in the future i seek a new owner for this thing. though ...
.. there are exceptions and in the opposite direction:) here it is -
i bought this bag (let's call her Miss Big:)) just bcz i was afraid of excess baggage at the airport and decided that i could shift into it some of the things that did quite well (as a result of allowed 19 kg of 20:))) . i thinked that would return and will use my usual bag, its a small, but comfortable

but tried to use Miss Big every day, and didnt leave more ...
comfortable bag, but very large and for some things like flash card, stylus, wipes, few candy (i found them before shooting), bluetooth, medicine
and some other sweet small things i needed a small bag

what about you bags?;)

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