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7 things about me...

i was tagged by ayah to write 7 things about myself
"the challenge is to tell 7 things about yourself and then challenge 7 people and link to them and the one who challenged you"
1. i am a happy owner 80 kg of gold (16 kg by my daughter and 64 kg by my son):)))
2. i hate the winter, cold weather and snow. but i like summer,warm and the sea:))) the sea my second love because of its depth and color... and i have the dream to live near the sea:)))
3. i like my hobby (emroidery and handmade handbags)
4. most of my clothes are jeans, I'm trying to change my style but without result yet:)))
5. i like to drive... a car of my dream TOYOTA RAV4:)))
6. I dislike spicy food and all the shelves and tables in my house must be empty:)))
7. and i like to smile (as you see) bcz somebody told me "you are very beautifull when smiling", so i do:)))
i tag natalija, ulyana, nina, hohla, staci, наташа, su

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Анонимный комментирует...

i like all u works mariya and hope u can continue in thaand we wait more from this beautiful works. and me who told her about her smile ( really she be veryyyyyyyyy beautiful like her works )

Nina комментирует...

Thank you to thought about me :)
Have a great day :)

ayah комментирует...

i love what you said in number 1, mashAllah :)

Natalija комментирует...

Спасибо тебе, добрая душа!!!! Пошла писать ;-)))))

hohla комментирует...


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